Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer

Melly has been teaching in bilingual and international schools in Bulgaria for 10 years. She is a highly qualified teacher in the field of early years, preschool and primary education.

Melly considers that education should be seen as a fun activity for all the participants- students, parents, and teachers. Having used different methods in her practice, she believes that engaging children in play activities allow them to explore and expand their knowledge.

Striving to help young ESL-learners to reveal their potential fully, she has gained valuable knowledge as a qualified Suggestopedia and Thinking- Based teacher.

Following her passion to raise Literacy standards in English language, she becomes a professional Jolly Phonics Trainer for Bulgaria.

“Everyone can be a skillful student using English in a confident way! Jolly Phonics gives them the perspective to become the best they can be while playing in a multisensory environment.”