Vesela Vasileva (mother of Gabriela – 5 years old)

The best Jolly Phonics teacher! My child loves her lessons and already reads!!!!! It is important to have the best start in literacy and our journey already started with Miss Melly. Good luck! And Thank you!

Kristina Krusteva

“My child started speaking in English because of Jolly Phonics system. Mimi gained confidence in reading and writing in no time. She is now almost six and she is able to read English books and write sentences. She enjoys a lot all the actions – “a, a, ants on my arm” . Mimi adores their books a lot and loves reading stories to her dollies! As a mother, I think that this system gives the children one natural way of learning foreign language and that it is very successful method for developing different skills: reading, writing, listening and understanding. Miss Melly casted a jolly spell on her! I love Jolly Phonics and my daughter loves it too. Enjoy it! “ Kristina Krusteva

Nikolinka Georgieva

Anelia’s mother
“Meliha Chausheva (mostly known for us as Miss Melly for the last five years) has been my daughter‘s (Anelia Kopristenova) English teacher since she was not even five-years- old. I often asked her after school how the day passed and she replied: ‘We started blending words!’ or ‘We are reading!’ To be honest, it sounded a bit strange to me, bearing in mind my child’s age and being aware of the age when children start reading in Bulgaria. What my astonishment was when, a few months later, I saw that Anny was really reading in English. In the beginning, she was able to read short words and short sentences. In time, her abilities grew in reading complex phrases and longer texts. For me as a mother, the quick self – confidence that my child gained in reading not just familiar words, but also new and unknown words was of high importance. All this was done in a fun way for the child –through games, songs and different techniques that my child was enthusiastic about. In short, admiration for Jolly Phonics programme and, of course, for Miss Melly, who turned the lessons into an exciting and interesting journey for the children.” Nikolinka Georgieva

Nikol Istiliyanova

English Teacher
“Melly's workshop is a dream come true! She came in to our school with bags and bags full of materials and games to share with us. She did not only deliver a great presentation about the use of Jolly Phonics, but also showed us particular activities for the teaching of sounds to kids of different ages. All materials and games were fun and the kids love participating in those lessons. The Jolly Phonics workshop is a great way to inspire yourself in your journey towards having proficient readers and writers in your English class.” Nikol Istiliyanova

Marianna Dyankova

“Malvina Language & Creativity Centre”
“The workshop delivered by Melly Chausheva gave my Jolly Phonics teaching practice a flying start. Melly has a huge chest full of ideas which she generously shared with me. She showed me particular activities for every stage of the letter sound teaching and all of them were practical and fun. She gave me a great deal of inspiration and I'm very thankful. Jolly Phonics workshop helped me a lot to see how the programme really works.” Marianna Dyankova

Vanya Sokolova

Jolly Phonics suits Miss Melly to a T. She has put all her heart into teaching children to read and write. Even if you did not know Miss Melly that well, you could tell that she loves what she does just by looking at her as she is teaching. Her pupils adore her, they enjoy every single minute singing songs, playing games or reading stories together with her!Jolly Phonics Programme gives Miss Melly and her pupils the opportunity to have fun while learning and makes the whole process of learning English an exciting and challenging adventure.